Helping you

Be your best self

Helping you

Be your best self

If you are struggling with your mental health with problems such as anxiety, depression, trauma, OCD, panic attacks, worrying or low self esteem, then why not try therapy from an experienced psychotherapist? Have used tried and tested methods for over thirty years, Wendy knows what works and is able to help you to achieve your goals quickly and effectively.  Drawing from over thirty years experience, Wendy can help you to alleviate distressing symptoms, and regain your self confidence and to feel more in control of unpleasant emotions and physical symptoms.  Due to her extensive experience, Wendy is able to spot the key issues, help you to understand your problems and to create a treatment plan to get you back on the road again. You are welcome to see her free resources to see if you would align to her particular style. 

There are a number of additional resources available to help you to enhance your recovery.  By reading around your particular problem can help you to better understand your symptoms and the possible causes.  All resources are based on evidence based practices and are designed to be easy to follow. By following the practices  it can make a significant difference to the speed and effectiveness from your recovery. 

Depression & Anxiety

Trauma & PTSD


Explore our latest Courses

These courses are based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy practices, which means they are evidenced based.  The courses have been created by Wendy Castelino who is an experienced and accredited CBT therapist.  The courses can be followed on their own but can also be used as complementary aid to therapy.  They are designed to be easy to follow, enabling the reader to put into practice steps to aid recovery.  The courses encourage self practice and includes downloads to enhance your learning journey. 


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